Airplanes – ‘on my brain’s big screen’

Posted: August 23, 2013 in Eu, tu si restul lumii
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Am dat din intamplare peste acest video. Cine ar fi crezut ca o sa ajung sa invat versurile intr-un timp asa de scurt? Presupun sa asta se intampla cand gasesti un bloc de versuri care iti plac suficient de mult incat sa le asculti ‘over’n over again’.

‘Can we pretends… na na na’

Am zis si eu ca e doar negativul.. cand am auzit refrenul am fost sigur ca e un cover.. so.. nimic interesant. Si totusi incepe..

When the clock hits 11:11 I always wish for the same thing,
Ever since the night that we kissed.
I promise one day we’ll be living in bliss,
Because if I make it to the top of the world, you’re coming with.
I can’t never be king without my queen,
So I’ll do what I need to be everything that you need.
We playing every moment on my brain’s big screen,
And wishing you were here with me.
You’re all I see, every time that I look around,
I feel your kiss in every breath, I hear your name in every sound.
Loneliness, I thrown and it’s i  feel I’m going drown,
But you always rescue me from tumbling down.
I’m tired of this town and fact that you’re not here,
Your presence is the light that allows me to see clear.
Losing you has always been my greatest fear.
Remember that, I love you, dear.


Ce-i zici acum? :))

Nu cred ca o sa ajunga prea departe cu prestatia, insa mi-a amintit de vremurile cand faceam si eu astfel de versuri.. poate ca de asta mi-a placut atat. Hehe.. eu erau cu 9:07, nu 11:11 dar oricum.. ideea e ca inteleg perfect tot ceea ce spune. Din orice punct de vedere.

Oricum.. e foarte tare ceea ce a facut. 😀




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